Friday, November 26, 2010

Feeding the Dog From the Table - Good or Bad?

We've all done it. At dinner or anytime we sit down to have a meal at the table, poochie poo comes along and starts begging at our feet with those big, puppy eyes. And, softies that we are, we reward this begging with a scrap or two from our plate. Or three or four. The thing is, this is a bad habit to start or to sustain with your pet.   We have to keep in mind that just because the dog is willing to eat it, that doesn't mean it's good for him or won't harm him. While many of the different ingredients in our foods are fine for us, remember that a dog's system is not exactly the same as ours is. Some human foods can actually make your dog sick.

So, aside from trying to break this cute little habit, also make sure that when you do cave in and give up a scrap you only stick to certain basic food types. Lean meats, vegetables, rice and some unprocessed foods can be okay. However, food that is heavily seasoned and that has onions or garlic in it is a no. Foods that have a lot of artificial ingredients and additives should also be avoided.  Of course you know not to give your dog chocolate or chocolate based foods, and also, no foods high in sugar, fat or salt as they can wreak havoc on the dog's health eventually.  Yes, the same way they eventually do you!  Skip the fast food - we know what type of crap is in that stuff, and while you might be willing to do that to your own body, please, spare the dog!  He will be much better off without McDonald's!

While it's not the worst thing in the world, try not to have your dog accustomed to begging at the table. But if you do it, do it at least with a bit of common sense.


  1. my heart soften when my little dog begs for food too at the dining table...the cute face is irresistible.

    rechie of Chiz Dogz

    i am ur follower

  2. My hubby is bad about giving our dog things he should not and I always tell him NOT to do it because Gino will get sick! The only thing now that we feed him is chicken breasts and eggs. He loves them. Hubby will go to the store every few days and bring home a couple of breasts for our spoiled dog, but that's o.k. with me. Nice blog! I added you to my pet blog.